Heavyweight Champ!


    New Freightliner 114 SD

    450  HP, Automatic
    20,000 Front Axle, 46,000 Rear Axle
    19 ft Log Bunks
    Altunrnamat Storage
    Cab Guard

    HIAB XS 435K

    280,000 Ft Lbs
    92” Cutting Height
    Remote Control
    Internal Extension Cylinder


    ICM GRA-F 500 Felling Grapple

    20” Cut
    6,000 Lbs Capacity
    Continous Rotation
    53” Jaw Opening
    Weighs 520 Lbs

    Optional Straightpoint Load Pin

    Accurately calculates the weight
    of the cut pieces so you can adjust
    your cuts safely and efficiently.


    Quick Set Up 

    One of our truck’s major benefits is the ease of set up.  No need to unload your grapple, fight to align the pins and connect the hydraulics.  With this combination the felling grapple to fully attached and ready to go when you arrive.  A few minutes set up and you are ready to work. 


    Superior Lifting Capacity

    The HIAB XS 435K is a Material Handling Boom.  The added strength compared to knuckle boom jib cranes is clear.  A maximum load of 4,700 Lbs at 92 ft is hard to beat.  The real advantage is the stability.  Even taking on heavy load, at full extension, does not cause the extreme deflection that you see with the larger tree felling capable cranes. 
















    Decreased Personal Requirements

    Treezilla performs the duties of multiple pieces of equipment and their associated crew members.  A bucket truck and a crane become superfluous.  Not to mention it removes the need for a tree climber. In fact, tree removal projects can be completed with only an operator for Treezilla and another operator for a chipper.  The felling grapple the operator can adjust, grab, cut, lower and load the chipper all from the safety of the ground, using the remote control.  The flexibility of the remote control allows the operator to change their angle of sight on the tree.  The increased flexibility also allows the operator to change cut sites with ease. 



    Speed of Completed Work

    Taking into account that we here at Timberland are landscape truck fabricators and not tree professionals, we were able to fell and process an entire oak tree in only 24 minutes.  That is with only a two man crew and a chipper.  I think that is pretty amazing, but I am only a fabricator.  Watch the video and tell me if you think that sounds like a good set up.