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Welcome to Timberland Truck Sales.  Please feel free to contact us with any of your custom truck needs.

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We have a variety of tree truck types to assist you in completing the various aspects of tree and landscape care.  Our felling grapple trucks can cut down large loads at height to save time and reduce personal. Our grapple trucks are the swiss army knife of our trucks.  With the ability to load and dump various sized material from logs, to brush, to chips.  Our Unilift trucks can load and unload containers, bodies, and beds to different job sites so you can keep working.  Our log/ chip beds with dump hydraulics save you from the back breaking work of hand unloading all that material.  We also have a variety of attachments for your tractor, skid steer or excavators to finish your work at home, on the farm or on the job site.


This is an example of the some of the various customizations that are available for your truck.  We are happy to speak with you concerning your perfect working configuartion.  


We have had the privilege to help many people realize their personal ideas of what a perfect truck for them means.  We have highlighted just a few of them in our brag video.  Take a look at some of the interesting and challenging builds we done and see if it gives you any ideas for your next perfect truck.


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Timberland Truck Sales offers products from three quality companies; Copma Cranes, Unilift Hooklifts, and ICM-NA grapples.